Creative Writing Post

I found this prompt online somewhere. It seemed a good place to start exercising my creative writing skills again.

This took me 3 days to write because tbqh I didn’t know how I save myself. I had to spend a lot of time reflecting before finishing it

Prompt~ Saving myself; you overhear your name on a police radio as a suicide jumper, write how you save yourself from committing suicide.

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“Freeing yourself”

Authors Note; the site got a bit of a facelift with widgets and the like… I hope it’s slightly less depressing to look at XD

Nothing but silence since the face off…

No admission or confession, no denial or excuses, no pleading vehemently that I’ve got it all wrong. Nothing.


It’s a weird feeling. A bit surreal, a bit reassuring? Not sure what I expected to happen, but I suppose silent cowardice really isn’t that surprising in hindsight.

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Reality slapped me across the face this morning.

Today an old friend I really needed to hear from, reached out to me (thanks wifey). But then so did the man who love swindled me…

Talk about ultimate high to the lowest low. Mood crashed hard.

Just simply – “what’s up?” In a very impersonal and informal text. Instant panic attack and urge to puke from adrenaline rush. Puking from the outright betrayal or anxiety? I’m not what it was, but just one look at his picture and I felt so sick. I know my suffering won’t end anytime soon. So I puked. I was angry and them I felt helplessly sad.

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Please believe me

Ephiphanys can be a bitch.

Lost in your own thoughts, when suddenly- something clicks!

“Oh! That’s why…”

I begin to see patterns in how I have let people treat me and talk down to me before. And I am beginning to understand my fear of telling others who my rapist is or that it really happened. I’ve been through a similar betrayal of “I don’t believe you”, out of the blue before…

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Homework; What is your strength?

“What are your strong points? The good points that are inside you?”

Her accented tasks motivate in a strange way. This women believes me. This women thinks I am a kind and strong person. My boyfriend thinks I’m brave and funny.

Who do I think, I am?

-I love and care deeply.
-I’m trusting, and follow my heart despite the consequences.
-I will give people second chances, even when it’s ill advised.
-I’m empathetic, so I always try to relate, it often makes things worse.
-I like to please others, fear of being hated. I want to make people happy.
-I love my friends, and will always help them no payback needed and no judgment; but I often wonder if the feeling is mutual?
-I’m stubborn. I’m outspoken (both gets me in trouble).
-I used to be independent.
-I’m smart.
-I’ve completely self-taught myself a second language.
-I am creative.
-I am passionate.
-I am affectionate
-I am…

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