Welcomed Distractions

Cleaned out, sorted and reorganized my room in 2 days flat! All by myself! It’s empowering to have this type of control again. It’s making me feel normal.

I managed to get a really good TV stand with sliding door storage and shelves. FOR FREE! Thank you craigslist!

Now we just wait for my new 32″ TV to arrive on Monday, and then my LED rainbow rope lights next week- and my room will swallow me forever. Also for FREE! Thanks boyfriend/his brother.

Bf convinced me (with his own wallet) to get me a bigger tv for when we move out (come sooner, April! Indeed, can’t wait to move out). Then, his brother ordered more rope lights he bought, because he saw how much I loved them after showing them to me in his room. These boys♡

I need more projects like this. Still hurt myself (back, legs and chronic pain area again), mainly because I was too stubborn/determined to move all the heavy stuff by myself. Own fault. I’ll try to be more careful next time.

I just need more ideas.

Every day is a battle. But for the past two days I’ve won the war inside my head. It’s self destructive to wonder when everything will come crashing down again. It takes all my strength to focus on anything except my own thoughts.

Less dangerous, less painful.

Tomorrow is unknown, I want to live in the moment instead of only feeling the fears of the future.



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