Homework; What is your strength?

“What are your strong points? The good points that are inside you?”

Her accented tasks motivate in a strange way. This women believes me. This women thinks I am a kind and strong person. My boyfriend thinks I’m brave and funny.

Who do I think, I am?

-I love and care deeply.
-I’m trusting, and follow my heart despite the consequences.
-I will give people second chances, even when it’s ill advised.
-I’m empathetic, so I always try to relate, it often makes things worse.
-I like to please others, fear of being hated. I want to make people happy.
-I love my friends, and will always help them no payback needed and no judgment; but I often wonder if the feeling is mutual?
-I’m stubborn. I’m outspoken (both gets me in trouble).
-I used to be independent.
-I’m smart.
-I’ve completely self-taught myself a second language.
-I am creative.
-I am passionate.
-I am affectionate
-I am…

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